With roots in the Ancient Roman Empire, we now proudly present you with the perfect range of Pinsas and other Gourmet foods.


PINSA proudly introduces you to our range of perfected Pinsas & other Gourmet Fast foods at a reasonable price.

At Pinsa, we strive to deliver not only a premium product but also an authentic guest experience of premium quality that comes straight from the heart. To us, every customer is a guest in our house and deserves to have their expectations exceeded. We pride ourselves in being as sustainable and diverse as possible. We are passionate about the growth and enrichment of our company, our employees and our local communities.


We strive to deliver an unforgettable product and customer service experience that combined, deliver outstanding value to our guests.


Our aim is to be renowned not only for our quality but also for our unrivalled consistency


PINSA doesn’t follow the status-quo. Our goal is to deliver products that are fresh and uniquely delivered every single time.